The Madison Riverfront Development Committee is pleased to share renderings of The Super Overlook/New Judges Stand. This structure will be transformational for the existing Madison Riverfront.  The structure will provide a multi-purpose venue which can be used daily by citizens of Madison and Jefferson Counties as well as visitors.  The committee anticipates this site will become the location for celebrations such as concerts, weddings, car shows, festivals, fundraisers, fishing tournaments, and more.  Activities related to this project will generate tourism dollars, benefiting both businesses and residents of the area.  The project is being financed through private funds and donations.  To date, the committee has raised $465,000 of the $1.5 M estimated cost.

Project highlights include:  

• Level 1: 4800 Sq. Ft. Angler Structure providing seating and 1200 sq. ft. of shade daily. (10X bigger than existing overlooks)

• Level 2: 1200 Sq. Ft. Angler Structure Observation Deck providing incredible views of the breathtaking Madison Riverfront.

• Terraced Seating / 8-9 Lighted rows of Approx. 230-250 Ft in length providing seating for hundreds of guests.